Good Neighbors

After being in the house since last Sunday, I ventured out yesterday. I had some banking I needed to do as well as some prescriptions to pick up. My driveway had not been cleaned because it was just so COLD and no one had knocked on the door asking to do it. There was about four inches of snow on it and I thought I could drive through it. Well, I probably could have except I had to stop at the end because someone was coming up the street.

The other complicating factor was the person who plowed the street left a big hump across the end of my drive. Since my momentum was halted by the ongoing car, I couldn’t get over that hump. Instead, I got hung up on it. I tried to pull back in the drive. No go. Couldn’t back up.

A young man driving a pick-up stopped and asked if I needed help. He said if he could find a place to hook to my car, he’d pull me off that hump. In short order, he had a big chain hooked to my car and then gently pulled me off the hump and into the street. Once I was in the street, he disconnected, waved good-by and went on his way.

While my Good Samaritan was preparing to pull me off the hump, the man across the side street (I live on a corner) came over. He said he’d see if he could get the boys who live with him to come and at least deal with the hump for me.

When I got home from my errands, the boys had not only dealt with the hump but had shoveled the drive. I must go over later today and see how much I owe them. Today is my birthday and that clean driveway was a great present to start the celebration.

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