Winter Packs A Wallop

We’re in the midst of a severe winter storm. Right now we’re having freezing rain/drizzle. That’s supposed to accumulate to an inch of ice. Then we’re to get snow on top maybe as much as six to ten inches. I’m staying home and not going anywhere until the roads have been cleared and it is safe to drive. (My sister already called and gave me my orders. She called them marching orders but I told her I wasn’t marching anywhere.)

I went to the store yesterday to get my bread (already had milk and eggs), mailed my bills at the Post Office in case the postman can’t make it to my house today and salted the drive last night when I got home from church. We’re told we might have snow thunder when it snows. Storm is predicted to last until noon on Wednesday.

This storm is being described as a “historic” winter storm. Just now on the radio it was announced that everyone needed to get some place and stay there tomorrow; to not go out at all. Comparisons are being made to the storm we had on this same date in 1982 when we got 22 inches of snow. At least, we’re not supposed to get that much this time.

The thing that will make this storm so dangerous is the ice. There is a very real concern about it bringing down electric lines and trees (limbs or whole trees). Our governor has called out some of the National Guard to help in the event trees/electricity lines come down. The anticipated number of folks who may lose their electricity is 300,000. Several counties to the north of me have been given a blizzard warning but, so ar, that’s not supposed to happen here. Once it stops snowing on Wednesday, the temperatures are to nosedive to zero.

Thank goodness we had a mild weekend which allowed the streets and roads to warm up some so some of the freezing rain has melted and run off. But as the rains make the roads cooler, the freezing picks up. I’m sure glad I’m not a highway worker charged with getting and keeping the streets clear.

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