Social Weekend

My social life this weekend is making up for the missed reunion luncheon. It’s been Youth Week at church so I attended the preaching service Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Last night was a concert. If ever I needed something to remind me I wasn’t a “youth,” that concert did it.

The guest singer was pretty good although I find his voice sometimes sounds strangled or strained. He invited the audience to sing along on some songs. I didn’t know any of them! I glanced around the church around the church and all the young people were singing along … even the visiting friends of the church youth. Yep, I very definitely am no longer young.

Today the Women Who Lunch met at a nearby shopping center and carpooled to a tea room about five miles away. What a nice lunch we had! This tea room is in an older house. Tables were set up in every available room. Because our leaders had made reservations, they had set aside spaces for us.

The food was so delicious. Most of us ordered the same thing, The Duet, from the menu although everything listed sounded yummy. I had a half serving of artichoke quiche, the mushroom brie soup, a scoop of curry chicken salad that contained almonds, a small dish of the tossed salad with tangerine vinegarette dressing, a popover, some grapes and an orange slice,  and the sugar-free cheesecake … all washed down with ginger peach iced tea. It was a perfect menu for a Lady Who Lunches.

I round out the social calendar tonight with a concert at the Symphony. It’s definitely been a “social” weekend.

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