Social Life Snafu

Mother Nature created a snafu with my social life today.

Several weeks ago a woman who was a close friend when I was in high school called. She had contacted a group of women who were good friends back then and arranged a lunch — for today. The reason was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our high school graduation. Of course, Mother Nature didn’t want us to meet because she caused freezing drizzle to coat the streets and highways. The highway and street departments had a terrible time dealing with the ice, particularly on ramps and bridges. There were auto accidents liberally scattered across the area.

Being that we graduated 50 years ago, the women applied some of their accumulated wisdom and postponed the lunch. The thought is maybe we’ll have better weather in March. As the organizer said, we’ve waited 50 years so waiting a few more weeks shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course, once Mother Nature had us all safely at home, she decided to warm things up a bit and by mid-afternoon it was 37 and the ice had melted from the roads. I went out to visit my bank and the clerks there told me how wise we were to cancel the lunch. They had had a terrible time trying to get to work this morning.

Wonder what Mother Nature will throw at us the next time we schedule lunch?

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