Many Are Cold But …

Few are frozen. That thought ran through my mind today when I was out doing my errands. To my utter stupifaction, I saw people who were not wearing a coat. Given that the high temperature today was 17, they must have been the frozen few.

We’ve had real winter weather this week. Bitter cold temps, snow, wind and winter grey skies have been our portion. I hope I don’t come across as complaining. I’m not; I’m just reporting that we are having real old-fashioned winter … the kind our parents told us about when we were children.

When it’s this cold (and even when it’s warmer), I think about the homeless folks. There are some shelters who go out and try to entice the homeless folks to come inside. Some will go but others refuse. They prefer to stay wherever it is that they find whatever shelter they have.

There is a “camp” of homeless folks down on the riverfront. One has built a shed or shack I think you’d call it from discarded bits of this and that. Others are living in tents. They often build fires in old big cans or trash barrels for heat.

The Knitters’ Guild has knit squares for Warm Up America for years. These squares are assembled into large blankets which are distributed by a local charity to some of the homeless. Because laundry facilities aren’t readily in the area where the homeless stay, the blankets are made of acrylic yarn. That means they aren’t as warm as a wool blanket would be but I suppose they are better than nothing.

When I consider the plight of the homeless, it makes me very thankful for my warm blankets and home. I just hope none of the homeless become members of the frozen few in this bitter winter weather.

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