So What’s In There?

I had the radio on last night while I was working at the computer. As part of a news program, I heard a brief interview with one of the women who was shot in Arizona. She commented that she was hit in the chest. The bullet is still in her body and had traveled to her hip. Then she said something like, “It went all that way but didn’t hit anything important.”

Excuse me? What’s inside you that isn’t important? Do we have wasted space in our body? Are some of our “innards” redundant? What’s in there, anyway?

I know that some times we need to have bits and pieces removed surgically because of disease.  But it strikes me that our Creator was extravagant when He made us and provided us with surplus bits.  I wouldn’t characterize any of them as “unimportant.”  If He put them in there, He had a reason for doing that.

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