Budding Businessmen

Like much of the country, we have snow here. There’s between two and four inches in my yard.

Two young boys, probably about 10 or 11, rang my doorbell and wanted to know if they could shovel my driveway. Charge would be $20 and they’d take a check. I agreed and away they went. When they finished, they rang the bell and told me they couldn’t get it all cleared off because there was a layer of ice under the snow. But they put out my snow melt for me and accepted a check for their work.

Later I went out to run an errand. On my way home, I saw the boys walking down a nearby street. I waved at them and to my surprise, the one I had given the check started flagging me down. I stopped and he came to the car window. He said he couldn’t get any money for my check because he had had me put the wrong name on it. So I voided that one and wrote another one which they had me make out to the other boy’s sister who, I’m assuming, is older and has a bank account. They said they had just come by my house to tell me about this. They thanked me and thanked me for taking care of their problem.

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