North to Alaska

The monthly travelogue last Friday night was on Alaska, particularly the Inside Passage. The film featured a paddlewheel ship and the lecturer made a real point of how this smaller ship could get into places the large cruise ships can’t. At some point, I thought “This really sounds like a puff piece for the travel company operating the ship.” But it sounded like an interesting enough trip that I was beginning to wonder how the cost compared to the large cruise lines.

Then we had a short intermission. When we came back, the lecturer informed us that we couldn’t take the trip he had just shown us. The company had gone bankrupt!

The second half of the program was, to me, even more boring. It focused on the far northern reaches and the migration of the caribou. There was one small section on the Iditarod but nothing on Denali, Anchorage, Fairbanks, or any interaction with the native people.

It was a disappointing “trip.”

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