Aching Hearts

I’ve become aware of several people who have heavy aching hearts.

A friend is coping with her brother who is an alcoholic. He’s been in prison and because he had no where else to go is staying with her. The proviso was there would be no drinking in her home. Yet she came home after a few days away over the holidays to find a bottle of whiskey and empty beer bottles in the kitchen. She was hopeful that his parole officer would be of some help but it appears that help isn’t going to be there.

Another friend recently had an extended stay in hospital recovering from double pneumonia (means pneumonia in both lungs) and having a pacemaker put in place because her heart was beating so slowly. She’s home now but dealing with the slow physical recovery and depression. I’m sure facing up to your personal demise is daunting and that’s what she’s doing.

I’ve learned of a family which has just experienced a real tragedy. It’s far from over but it’s hard to even imagine how they’re coping.

If you’re so minded, prayer for these folks would be appreciated.

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