Enjoying Christmas Gifts

I’ve been enjoying some of my Christmas gifts this weekend. The chocolates and cookies are long gone. They really shouldn’t be in my food plan but since I was gifted with them (by people who should know better), I gobbled them up. I know it makes no sense but I figure if I eat them quickly, I get the damage done and can start recovering from it quicker.

Also among my gifts were two books. One was a bonus of sorts because there were three novellas in the one volume. I “gobbled” it up too. It’s very hard for me to be disciplined when it comes to reading a book that catches my fancy.

Another book is by Jan Karon, a favorite writer of mine. It would be easy for me to “gobble” this too but I’m trying to savor it and read it a little more slowly. What a joy it is to turn the pages of a book you know will become a treasured favorite, one you’ll re-read in years to come. As I was using a bookmark today, I thought what a small joy a nice bookmark is. No turning down page corners for me!

Two years ago my sister gave me a sweater kit for a twin set. I have finally gotten around to starting that project. There are going to be many hours of enjoyment in knitting this gift up and then the hours of wearing pleasure. My goal is to have it completed by next winter.

I was given gift cards to some favorite shops and restaurants too. I haven’t quite decided when I want to use the restaurant cards … maybe on my birthday? … and what to buy with the other cards. So I have the pleasure of thinking about that.

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