Christmas Lights Leaving

I’ve noticed that the Christmas lights so bravely displayed on the houses in my subdivision are leaving … house by house. Each day sees fewer lights brightening the night sky. That disappoints me because I love how they brighten the dark days of winter.

However, if my neighbors still have their lights up, Friday is probably the best day to take them down. Our weather is doing one of its crazy acts of changing. Last week it was bitter cold (highs under 30) and we had snow … about 4 inches at my house which is nothing compared to the East Coast. Tuesday it started getting warmer.  Yesterday it rained a gentle misty rain all day so our snow has also been disappearing.  It’s supposed to be in the 60s on Friday! Then Saturday the high is to be back below 30 so if you want to take down outdoor Christmas decorations, Friday is your day.

In my family we always took down the Christmas tree on New Year’s Day.  When do you take down your decorations?

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2 Responses to Christmas Lights Leaving

  1. CAG says:

    Our decorations come down on 12th Night which is 6th January. I guess it’s an old English tradition that still abounds in some former colonies.

  2. Jeannie says:

    As a kid ours came down on Jan 6 as well because it was/is 3 Kings or Magi Day. Now I do it the weekend after Jan 6 because of working full time. Some homes around here (PA) are decorated before Thanksgiving but all comes down the day after Christmas. I find that sad 😦

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