After Christmas

I did finish the great-nephew’s Christmas sweater … at 10 p.m. on Christmas Eve. When it was unwrapped on Christmas, the adults thought it was cute. The recipient was “Meh” about it. Oh, well.

With the project completed, I’m faced with what to knit next. I’ve decided on the sweater kit my sister gave me as a Christmas gift two years ago. It’s a wine colored twin set that includes lace and cables from Mary Maxim. I got it out yesterday and intended to cast on that evening but got sidetracked. It’s what I intend to work on at the knit group at Borders today.  I’m not going to set a completion date, however.

On the home front, my dishwasher isn’t working. It has about two inches of water sitting in it. Of course, I had an entire dishwasher full of dirty dishes which I am now washing by hand. I’ll have to call someone to come repair it in the next day or two. I just hope it can be repaired and doesn’t require replacing. Having just replaced the furnace, I would prefer not to have to replace anything else for a while.

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