Answers to Stocking Stuffer Trivia Quiz

Did you try the Stocking Stuffer Trivia Quiz? How did you do? Here are the answers:

1. These popular bracelets, made from rubber, come in a variety of colors and shapes. Many schools have banned them as “too distracting.”   Silly Bandz

2. This popular stocking stuffer for “sharks” can trace its roots back to 9th century China.   playing cards

3. These tiny cars were invented in 1967 and are still popular today.   Hot Wheels

4. This famous “traveler” was inspired by a meter used for testing horsepower on battleships.   Slinky

5. What twisting turning toy introduced in 1979 has sold more than 100 million units by 1982?   Rubik’s Cube

6. What toy, created of silicone oil and boric acid, plays nice with comic strips?  Silly Putty

7. This action play trading card game was introduced to American children in 2001, building on the success of Pokeman.  Yu Gi Oh

8. First introduced in off-white only, this toy’s ingredients have remained a secret since 1956.  Play Doh

9. According to a Yale University study, this toy ranks 18th among the 20 scents most recognizable to American adults. Crayolas

10. It wouldn’t be Christmas without these sweet “shepherd’s crooks” filling stockings and hanging on trees.  candy canes

11. Maybe it’s because they fill out the toe so well, but these tropical treats are rumored to be some of the earliest treats Santa slipped into stockings.  oranges

12. Not a traditional stocking stuffer but given the amount of sweets children eat during the holiday season, your dentist may want it to be one.  toothbrush

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