Mother Nature Changes My Plans

Thanks to Mother Nature’s actions, I changed my plans for this weekend. It all started Wednesday night. I was going to stop at Captain D’s for supper on my way to church. When I left my house, it was spritzing rain … the freezing kind.

I ate my meal — it was yummy — and considered what to do. Should I continue with my plan to attend Bible Study? Should I turn around and go home? In the end, I went to church for Bible Study. The parking lot was already getting slick by the time I got there. When I left the church to go home, there were signs on the door that the sidewalks had been salted but the parking lot had not. Yes, it was slick.

So rather than take the Interstate to get home, I carefully drove at a slow speed on surface streets. I arrived home safe and sound. It was really good to drive into the garage and get out of the freezing rain.

Thursday morning, listening to the traffic reports, I heard a litany of stalled cars, cars which had slid off the streets, fender bender accidents, etc. I was glad to be home. I should have gone to the school to tutor the kids but thought that school was probably called off. I made several telephone calls and never did reach anyone so I made the decision that they had called school off.

I had a ticket to the Gospel Christmas concert at Powell Hall that evening. Given the traffic reports and my concern about the condition of the parking lot, I called and returned my ticket to the orchestra. They’ll send me a receipt for a tax deduction donation. I was disappointed but felt it was better to stay safely at home.

Friday the Ladies Who Lunch were going to Our Lady of Snows to see the light display — fantastic! — and have dinner in the restaurant there. I backed out of going. I told the woman in charge that “I don’t do ice” so once again I was home, not out having fun.

At least the weather folk say that Mother Nature will play a little nicer over this weekend. In addition to the ice, she’s given us very cold temperatures. But Sunday we’re to be above freezing which will be a most welcome change.

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