At Least It Wasn’t My Teeth

I had to replace my furnace/air conditioner this week. Of course, we have had the coldest weather of the winter … so far. Monday it got really chilly in the house before the service technician was able to turn the heat on. That was his first priority.

As I sat at my computer listening to the various bangings happening downstairs, I heard the high pitched sound of a drill. It sounded just like the drill my dentist uses. But at least my teeth weren’t the targets this time. They ached in sympathy with the ductwork which was being drilled. But just like when the dentist uses the drill, it had to be done.

It took 2.5 days but at last the new system is installed. It runs much quieter than the old one. It’s also a high efficiency model so I may see a decrease in my gas bill. My teeth and I are glad the job is completed.

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