After Thanksgiving Thoughts

Is anyone else turned off by the “Black Friday” designation for the day after Thanksgiving? I know it stems from the fact that it’s the day the storekeepers get “in the black” (or make money) but it has such a funereal sound to me. The name seems to indicate we should be grieving rather than lining up outside our favorite store, waiting to get inside to snatch up all the bargains.

As a rule, I don’t go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. For sure, I’m not lined up in the middle of the night outside some store, waiting for it to open.  This year I made an exception to my no shopping practice.

Borders had an ad in the newspaper. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed one from them in the past. In the ad was a coupon for 50% off one item, another coupon for 40% off a toy, and still another coupon, this one for a free brewed coffee or latte.

I like to buy books and things at Borders for gifts so in mid-afternoon I set off to see if they had something I wanted. I had a couple of things in mind. They did not have those but I found an acceptable (to me) substitute. I gleefully used my 50% off coupon and then presented my free coffee coupon to the clerk in the cafe.

With my coffee, I ordered a slice of their chocolate peppermint cake. I really like this plain, rather solid — think pound cake — chocolate cake but I adore the frosting. It’s a thick white creamy frosting and it’s sprinkled with crushed peppermint. As I was eating it today, I tried to sort out the various flavors in the frosting. Then it hit me. Minus the peppermint chips, the frosting tasted like those little pastel square buttermints you used to only have at parties. It was yummy!

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