What Is This?

The other day when I was doing my grocery shopping, I picked up a rutabaga and an acorn squash. When I got to the checkout and the cashier got to those two items, he held them up and asked me what they were. That often happens when I get a young cashier and I figure vegetables haven’t figured prominently in his life.  It also reminds me of a story from years ago.

I had a friend who had a small boy, a toddler or maybe a little older. Their family custom was to let the boy say grace over the evening meal. He would carefully thank God for each item on the table … thank you for the hamburger, thank you for the potatoes, etc. One night he was doing this but there was something on the menu he didn’t recognize. He said, “Thank you for … what is this, Mammo (grandmother)?”

It gave us all a chuckle and still amuses me because I remember it when I go through the checkout at the grocery store with “strange” vegetables.

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1 Response to What Is This?

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Yeah, I’ve gotten the “what’s this?” for rutabagas before. I guess Southerners don’t eat them as much as people in the northern tier of states? (They were known as “Swedes” in Northern Michigan, I suppose because they were such a large part of the diet of the Swedish-Americans there).

    I’ve also gotten it for jicama and gingerroot.

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