Knitters’ Guild Anniversary Luncheon

Saturday was the Knitters’ Guild luncheon to celebrate our founding 25 years ago. This was held in the banquet room of a restaurant just off I-270 on the way to the airport. I had trouble finding the place! I understood the organizer to say that it was with the Drury Inn at that intersection. I went there but the restaurant with that motel was a Bandera’s barbecue place. I didn’t see anything by the name of the place where we were having our luncheon. So I went the other way on the cross street until I found a Walgreen’s. I went in and asked in there. The first person I asked didn’t know. The second one didn’t know either but the other customer she was helping knew and gave me directions. So off I went back the way I had come. The restaurant was set back from the street and up a hill. But I found it.

We were to wear a hat and we were to take chemo hats for men. I had knit one from a skein of possum yarn I was given at an event at a yarn shop. I wasn’t sure I had enough yarn to knit a hat but I decided to try. One skein wasn’t enough to do much of anything else with. I did get a hat completed, even had a bit of the yarn left over. My hat is on the small size but if it won’t fit a man, maybe a boy will be able to use it. It’s just plain grey. We were told to knit the hats plain and in drab colors because the men thought anything else was too “gay.” Can you believe I forgot to take the silly thing into the restaurant? Oh, well, I’ll try to get it turned in at the next Guild meeting. The woman in charge of that project wasn’t at the luncheon because she was sick.

I was kind of dressed up. I had on black hosiery and shoes, a black skirt, and a black shirt. On top was a sweater/jacket I called Swanky with its fur collar and cuffs.  The body was knit holding three yarns together:  a black mohair, deep red TLC Amore (a sort of chenille), and a thin gold thread which provided the glitz.  That luncheon was definitely the place to wear it. I can’t tell you how many people asked me how I did the collar and cuffs.

I topped off this ensemble with a black felt hat that’s kind of big. It has a stiff upturned brim and just a simple black ribbon and bow on it for trim. I bought some black tulle and just kind of swathed it around the crown and tacked it under the bow. Not all of the women wore a hat but quite a few did because it was a contest. My hat won a prize!

The entertainment was fashion parade of the costumes used at the Repetory Theater. What gorgeous outfits! Several of the models had us lift the skirts so we could appreciate how heavy those costumes were. Lots of them were heavily embroidered. It was very interesting.

The past presidents were acknowledged. We were given a silver pin that is the logo of the Guild.

I think I can safely say a good time was had by all.

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