Ladies Who Lunch

Saturday a week ago I went out with the Ladies Who Lunch (my name for them) from church. I was surprised to get a phone call one of them inviting me to join a group of women who were going to lunch at Miss Aimie B’s tearoom in St. Charles. She said she and one of her friends had been going to lunch and she thinks the friend got bored with her so they decided to ask some other ladies to go along. Most of these women attend my church but some are newer members. My hostess said the idea was to get better acquainted.

There was one problem — I was signed up to go to an insurance meeting on Saturday morning. It was scheduled at 9 a.m. and they were going to leave a community parking lot at 10:20. Based on my experience with other similar meetings, I figured it would be over in an hour so I said I thought I could go.

Well, I listened to the presenter and did fine until he got to the Q&A part of the session. I got my answer re the diabetes coverage (they don’t offer it) but got hung up with two men in the group who kept asking questions about how the insurance would handle things if they had a heart attack while they were spending five months in Florida. I was clearly in the wrong group! So I left before the information packets were handed out but since I had already decided this wasn’t the plan for me, I don’t suppose that mattered.

Miss Aimie B’s Tearoom is in an old house in St. Charles, MO. The food was good. I had half a BLT sandwich and an assortment of fruit. Some of the others had quiche or soup or salads, etc. Being the virtuous person I am, I skipped dessert. There are shops on the second floor of this old house so we went up there and did a bit of shopping (I never bought a thing) before we left. Several of us then went to Main Street in St. Charles which is the historic area and looked in a couple of shops there before we headed home. It was a nice outing.

This past Sunday I went with a different group of Ladies Who Lunch from church to The Blue Owl in Kimmswick, MO. This is a small historic town on the Mississippi River. This group of ladies was celebrating the birthday of one of their members. The Blue Owl has an excellent reputation and the food, on the whole, is good. However, I think it is overpriced for what you get. It’s the favorite restaurant of the birthday girl so that’s why we went there.

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