Quick Trip to Mexico

Last night was the monthly travelogue and we were off to Mexico. The program featured the silver cities. The photos of various things made from the silver were very impressive, not just jewelry but masks and sculptures and decorations in the cathedral.

From there we went on a train trip through the Copper Canyon. This went from one side of Mexico to the other through the mountains. The Copper Canyon really is a complex of six canyons and it is bigger than the Grand Canyon as well as deeper. Who knew it even existed?

Next we visited an area where whale watching is the main activity. The California grey whales migrate from the Artic where they summer to this area off the Baja Pennisula to have their babies. I was taken aback when I learned that a calf is 16 feet long.

We finished our trip by heading to the beach … to several beaches … and finally saw the cliff divers in Acapaulco. I don’t think I’d be able to cope with seeing those guys in person; just watching the film of them diving 125 feet off the cliff into the water was scarey enough for me.

The lecturer said he gets asked a lot about the safety of travel to and in Mexico. He made the point that if you stay away from the places which turn up in our news because of drug wars, you can safely travel to Mexico. It’s a much bigger country than the area where the drug wars are taking place. He also advised the use of a good knowledgeable travel agent. Sounded like good advice to me. But I won’t be booking a trip to Mexico in the foreseeable future.

A funny thing happened at the lecture. This couple who’ve become friendly with me said they didn’t attend the program last month. I didn’t either because I was out of town. We were in the same out-of-town city! We didn’t know we were going to be there at the same time. If we had, we might have met for lunch. I usually knit during the intermission and when I told them I didn’t knit on my trip, they said they wouldn’t have recognized me.

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