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A Sweet Treat

The other night I had an errand to run.  On the way back home, I decided to stop at McDonald’s and get three of their chocolate chip cookies (that’s an order of them).  The clerks always act a tiny bit … Continue reading

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Do I have short arms?

One of the exercises we do in class involves opening our arms wide.  We then wrap them around ourselves and give ourselves a big hug.  We were doing this the other day when I noticed the woma next to me … Continue reading

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Finding Phone Numbers

Do you still have Yellow Pages and White Pages phone directories?  In my area, we have the Yellow Pages which is delivered to each house.  For the White Pages, though, we have to call the phone company and have it mailed to … Continue reading

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Travel Program Preview

Last week I was invited to attend the Alumni Travel Program preview at Washington University.  This is the second year I’ve been invited.  I’ve no idea how or why my name appears on the invitation list but it’s a fun … Continue reading

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Roaring 20s Program

I was only able to sign up for one Seminar Seminar in September. It was a program on the Roaring 20s. I fully expected to see the man who gives all the programs about jazz and old-time radio shows there … Continue reading

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Family Resemblance

Anyone who knew my mother can tell I’m her daughter. We look a lot alike. She must have looked like her mother (my grandmother died while my mother was a child) because years ago I had my photo made at … Continue reading

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