In Search of Insurance

A week or ten days ago I got a letter from my medical insurance company telling me that they would no longer be offering insurance after December 31. This means I must find a new insurance company. I just hate this!

Two years ago when I needed to get insurance, I went to meeting after meeting from various insurance plans. Finally, I signed up and I’ve been happy with the coverage I’ve had. Now, I’ve got to go through all that again.

I had the first meeting yesterday. The representative came to my home. She was really promoting two companies, in particular. There’s one major problem though. My doctor doesn’t take that insurance. The representative didn’t think finding a new doctor was all that big a deal. I beg to differ with her.

About six months ago I had to find a new doctor. The doctor I had been seeing abruptly closed his office and gave me one day to find a new doctor. He was supposed to send my records to my new doctor but didn’t follow through on that. I’m just getting accustomed to my new doctor but I like her and prefer to remain as her patient.

Life sure isn’t easy at times. Oh, well, I weathered this insurance thing two years ago and I’ll get through this again.

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1 Response to In Search of Insurance

  1. ray says:

    Be sure to ask your doctor (or better your doctor’s office manager) what insurance plans she takes. You’ll be able to keep her then. Also, you can get a discount if you buy through some special group like an alumni office, AARP, Auto Club, etc. Also ask you home or auto insurer, they may be able to give you a referral. Good Luck!

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