Do I have short arms?

One of the exercises we do in class involves opening our arms wide.  We then wrap them around ourselves and give ourselves a big hug.  We were doing this the other day when I noticed the woma next to me could reach all the way around and have her hands flat on her back.  I can barely reach around my shoulders.

Another exercise involves reaching the floor from our sitting position.  I watch as other class members can not only reach the floor but put their hands flat.  I can’t reach the floor and there’s no way I could put my hands flat on it.

Another exercise which only a few people in class can do so I don’t feel so bad is when we reach over our shoulder with one hand and up behind our back with the other and touch the hands together.  In your dreams!  But, as I said, most of us can’t do that.  Of course my classmate doing the super hug can do it without the slightest indication of a strain of any kind.

So I’ve decided I must have short arms.  If my arms were longer, I’d be able to do those exercises.

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