Finding Phone Numbers

Do you still have Yellow Pages and White Pages phone directories?  In my area, we have the Yellow Pages which is delivered to each house.  For the White Pages, though, we have to call the phone company and have it mailed to us.

This is a pain … anywhere you want to put it!  It took me at least three phone calls over a period of 15 months to get a new White Pages.  Once it came, I promptly discarded my old one which was getting pretty ratty.  I wish now I had kept it.

Why, you ask?  Because it had numbers for the city, state, county, Federal government in their own “blue pages” section.  If a company didn’t want to pay to advertise in the Yellow Pages, it would be listed in a business section in the White Pages.  That is no longer true.  It is so difficult to find the phone number, for example, for the lawn service company that cuts your grass or your dentist or doctor. 

I wanted to call a certain office at Washington U the other day.  Gone are the listings of the various departments.  I had to call the main switchboard.  I asked my question; the operator transferred me.  The man who answered that phone said, “Oh, I can’t answer that.  You need to speak to …”  Fortunately, he gave me the new number to dial and I was successful — at least I think I was — and reached the proper office.  I had to leave a voice mail message so I may not have achieved the success I think I did.  Wonder if I still have that number written down near the phone.

Do you find using the Yellow Pages to be confusing?  I never know what category I should search.  Would a university be listed under schools, or colleges, or universitites?  Would a doctor be listed by his/her specialty or in a general “Physicians” section?  No matter how I try to look up a number, it appears that the person who organized the phone book and I are on different wave lengths.

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1 Response to Finding Phone Numbers

  1. fillyjonk says:

    We still get complete phone directories here.

    Generally, I don’t have too much trouble with the yellow pages; it’s the governmental pages where I seem to have a hard time finding the number I need.

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