Travel Program Preview

Last week I was invited to attend the Alumni Travel Program preview at Washington University.  This is the second year I’ve been invited.  I’ve no idea how or why my name appears on the invitation list but it’s a fun evening so I go.

The vendors who arrange alumni tours for Washington U are there to present the programs for the coming year.  Some tours have a faculty member on the trip to lecture or add to the enjoyment of the program.  There are good refreshments … usually reflective of the area where the various tours are taking you.

This year there was an antipasto table, another with vegetarian tortellini, chicken alfredo, another table had Irish corned beef and cabbage cooked in Guiness, there was something else to be eaten over rice … in other words, yummy eats.  Dessert was mini meringues sandwiched together with various fillings and petite fours.  I don’t know what brand of coffee they used but the coffee was delicious as well.

At the table with me was one of the music professors.  He will be accompanying a tour/cruise to Norway.  He’s also one of the lecturers at the Symphony who tell about the evening’s program.  Boy, I wish I had the money to take that tour.   However, just like most of the programs offered, it was ‘way out of my price range.

Often I feel like I have little to contribute to the conversation at such events.  This time, though, I was able to tell the table about my trip to Russia.  The one woman wants to go there and had good questions.  It was a nice event.

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