Family Resemblance

Anyone who knew my mother can tell I’m her daughter. We look a lot alike. She must have looked like her mother (my grandmother died while my mother was a child) because years ago I had my photo made at one of those places where you dress up in old-time clothes. I looked like a photo of my grandmother!

But there are other resemblances as well. Some have to do with interests. I like to sew and bake just as my mother did. She made almost all my clothes when I was growing up. She was a talented seamstress in that if I could give her a rough sketch of what I wanted, she’d find a way to sew it.

But I noticed another family resemblance the other day. I was sitting at my computer waiting for a page to download and realized I was twiddling my thumbs just like my mother used to do. We interlace our fingers and then circle our thumbs around one another. I wasn’t even thinking of my mother when I realized what I was doing. It must be something in the genes.

What are some of your family resemblances?

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