Appearances Can Deceive

How many times have you heard “appearances can be deceiving?”  If you’re like me, you’ve heard it but never paid much attention to it.  Wednesday proved the truth of the saying.

Sandy, one of my exercise class members, is a small fit looking woman.  She does the exercises with ease and gusto.  To look at her, you’d never think she had health problems.  In fact, I wondered why she was in an exercise class for folks with arthritis.  Not only does she attend our class, she goes to classes at a nearby community center on the alternate days to our classes.

At the end of class Wednesday, I learned that Sandy has had six bypasses and is facing having three more!  She’s very concerned, of course, and I think I’d be safe in saying she’s scared.  She said she needs all the prayers she can get so if you have any to spare, she and I will be grateful.

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