I checked out some library books today. Once home, I started reading one which has to do with a group of quilters meeting for a potluck lunch the day after Thanksgiving. They spend the day together working on … guess … Christmas projects.

One of the quilters has a long conversation with herself about traditions. She wants to be home with her husband and two college-age sons but a winter snowstorm has come up. Against the advice of her friends, she insists on leaving. It’s her tradition to have family dinners, etc. She’s also thinking about tradition because she had started two quilted Advent calendars for her sons. One of the other quilters had poked fun at her for doing this but in her thoughts she justifies making these calendars to continue a tradition which started years earlier when she used a paper calendar which is now falling apart.

She doesn’t share her thoughts with anyone other than the reader. This reader started thinking about my own traditions. What were the things that were important in my family? Do those things still have a special place in my life?  Have I added any new traditions?

With the holidays approaching, it’s a good time to think about traditions. Will you celebrate the way you always have? Will you add new activities? Do your traditions serve as glue to hold your family together?  Do your traditions comfort you?

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One Response to Traditions

  1. spanishrosie says:

    Hi Charlotte
    Cara sent me your link. I have enjoyed catching up with you & visiting awhile…..

    Rosalind x

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