It Is Finished

My February Lady Sweater is a finished object. I started this sweater in April, 2009, and fully intended to have it finished to wear that winter. But as so often happens, my plans changed. My knitting got sidetracked into a variety of other smaller projects — charity knitting, baby gifts, etc. But persistance pays off and I now have a new sweater for this winter.

I made a couple of modifications to the pattern. To begin with, I made buttonholes all down the front to the bottom border instead of just the three on the yoke the pattern called for. The pattern is for three-quarter length sleeves but my sleeves end just above the elbows. The reason for this change? I knit the sweater from stash yarn purchased from someone’s clearance bin who knows how long ago. I didn’t have enough yarn to make the sleeves any longer. I ended up having about 14 inches of yarn left when I stopped knitting on the sweater.

I sewed the buttons on last night. The yarn is a kind of lavendar/grey tweed with white and turquoise flecks in it. I believe it was Red Heart Tweed. It knit up rather pretty. I used silver buttons on it.

So now I’m ready to work on a couple of Christmas projects.

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