Fun at Church

Last night was one of fun at church. The youth group had their Untalent Show. This is a fundraiser for their missions project.

I so enjoy going to this show. It’s always interesting to see who has signed up to “perform” and what they do. This year the performers ranged from a small boy of about 4 to a pair of senior citizens. Several did dramatizations using ASL sign language to recorded songs. One young woman acted out a commercial which was set to a variation of “This Land Is My Land” but featured a fast food restaurant instead. Another young woman read a poem. There was a young man who played his saxophone. One girl did a demonstration using num-chuks (I think that’s what you call them). Lots of times, the people who chose to perform are normally shy people and not the ones you’d expect to get up in front of an audience.

It appears to me that they make a real effort to include every member in the youth group in this event. There was a concession stand manned by about six young people. The admission table was manned by one of the young women. The clean-up was done by a team involving some of the young men. It’s great to see them all involved.

Since this is a fundraiser, they charge an admission fee. Then the audience votes, via marking a ballot and enclosing it with some money in an envelope, for the best performance. Each dollar is one vote.  This year they awarded small trophies to the top three (by virtue of number of votes) performers. I don’t know if they met the target they had set for the event but it was an evening of fun.

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