Almost Finished

My February Ladies Sweater is almost finished. I’m doing the sleeves in this top down raglan sweater. Because I have a limited amount of yarn, I divided the last skein into two balls. I weighed them on my kitchen scale and, supposedly, they were the same. I no longer think that.

The one portion obviously has more yarn than the other as I work on these sleeves. I knit one sleeve to some pre-determined length and then knit the other sleeve to that same length. One sleeve has much more yarn waiting to be knit.

But I’m nearing the completion of this project. I believe three more repeats of the lace pattern on one sleeve may be all I need to knit before the final borders. It will depend on the yarn situation when I reach that point.

I started this sweater in April, 2009 with the hope that I’d be able to wear it that winter. Needless to say, I didn’t. But I should be in good shape for wearing it Winter, 2010. It’s not that I’m a particularly slow knitter. I’ve knit a number of smaller projects since April, 2009, and set my sweater aside to do that. But I’m nearing the completion line and will delay any other project calling my name until my sweater is complete.

Now, what did I do with the buttons I bought for this sweater?

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