Remembering A Friend

Currently some friends are traveling in Australia. They sent me an email from Cairns. In it they mentioned they needed to decide what to see and do during the days they’d be there. I immediately thought, “They need Mrs. Keller.”

Mrs. Keller was my bed and breakfast hostess several times when I traveled to Australia. She was something else! She’d meet you at the airport and immediately start telling you what you were going to do and see while you were in Cairns. “Today we’ll take it easy and then tomorrow, we’ll go to the art exhibit before you visit the aborginal park. In the evening we’ll go to a wine and cheese tasting and the next day you’ll go to Grandparents’ Day at Anika’s school …” And so it went. There was no need to make any plans before I arrived. She had every minute planned.

Some of the things like Grandparents’ Day at the school or a visit to a Women’s Institute meeting would not normally be a part of a tourist’s itinerary. But they were insights into her life and added a dimension to my visit.

Sadly, she’s no longer with us. I do hope the angels enjoy being bossed around and told when to go to harp practice and when they can loll on the clouds.  No doubt she’s worked out a schedule for St. Peter at the Pearly Gates as well.

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