Favorite Smells

Some blogs have Ten on Tuesday lists. I don’t really want to do that but I got to thinking about some of my favorite smells.

Leading the way would be cookies baking. I love the smell of chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies or brownies … or let’s face it, just about any cookie. That’s a smell which perfumes the entire house.

As long as we’re sniffing around the kitchen, let’s don’t overlook the smell of a nice roast in the oven. If it’s going to be followed by apple or pumpkin pie, so much the better. My mother used to put the roast in the oven before we went to church on Sunday. Years after her passing, I did that one week and when I came home, as I opened the door, I thought “This is what Sunday smells like.”

Another smell I like is that of newly shampooed hair. I suppose the scent of this depends on the shampoo used but I love how my hair smells when it has been just washed.

Some flowers have more pleasing scents than others. I love roses — I think most people do — but sadly, not too many roses have scents any more. They’ve had the smell bred out of them. Next to roses I like the spicey scent of carnations. So far, I don’t think anyone has messed with their scent. I hope no one gets an idea to “improve” them by removing the scent.

Freshly mown grass is another smell I like in the summer. Where I live you can still burn leaves and nothing says autumn like the smell of burning leaves. Some of my neighbors have wood burning fireplaces or stoves and the smell of a good fire also agrees with me. I suppose the type of log being burned determines the smell but on a crisp winter night, the smell of a fire in the fireplace is most enjoyable.

Christmas brings lots of smells … the scent of oranges and peppermints and a box of chocolates. Not to be forgotten is the scent of the evergreen Christmas tree.

Do you have favorite smells? Are they seasonal?

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