Thankful or Grateful

I’m not really sure of the difference between thankful and grateful. Seems to me they are pretty closely related. One thing I do know is that I’m thankful/grateful (take your pick) for the person who invented air conditioning.

I’ve heard several conversations about how we didn’t have air conditioning years ago and we did just fine. Were we tougher then? Was “hot” not as “hot” back then? My own theory is that we adjusted to the heat gradually. There was no going from cold or cool to hot and back again. I remember using the window air fan to stir the air and cool us off a bit. But our bodies had adjusted to the hot weather — at least somewhat — because there was no air conditioning. If a store or a movie had air conditioning, they advertised that, usually with icicle dripping letters on big signs.

Now, things are different. We live in air conditioned houses, drive air conditioned cars, and it’s a rare store/movie/church which isn’t air conditioned. Maybe we’re turning into whimps because of that but I, for one, bless the person who invented air conditioning. I don’t want to go back to only having a fan to cool myself although, make no mistake, if a fan was all I had, I’d be thankful to have it.

I’m also thankful/grateful for the people who do work out in the heat. The postman who brings my mail, the street crews who are busy re-striping the highway after major reconstruction, the workers repairing broken water mains, even the guys who cut my grass. Bless them for braving the heat!

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