Thoughts About Cell Phones

When did it become necessary for everyone to have a cell phone? Why is it so important that all of us be instantly available to anyone who wants to dial our number?

I have a cell phone but I rarely use it. The battery doesn’t hold a charge very long which annoys me. I must remember to charge it so it’s ready for use on Tuesday when I work the election. If we need to call the Clerk’s office for any reason, we’ll need to use my phone or the other supervisor’s phone. Having a cell phone in that situation is logical and somewhat necessary although I do wonder what election judges did before everyone had a cell phone.

Yesterday in exercise class one of the members cell phone rang. Instead of stepping outside to take her call, she took it in class. She’s a pretty loud talker on the phone and we couldn’t hear the instructor over her. I found that behavior to be rude, especially since it happened twice.  I wanted to tell her to turn the phone off but I bit my tongue and seethed in silence.

Why do cell phones take precedence over everything? Why can’t the abusers of them recognize that there are times and places when the phone should be silenced?

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