Crochety Computer and Shoes

Sorry for the lateness of this post. It is due to my computer being crochety today. I’m on dial-up Internet access and when the weather is as unsettled as it’s been today, it doesn’t want to connect. DSL service is not available where I live and I think my only other choice would be cable. However, I don’t have a television (don’t want one) so that really isn’t a viable option either. I just have to humor my computer when it gets crochety.

On the topic of shoes, I have loved shoes ever since I had a job working in the women’s shoe department in a department store when I was fresh out of high school. Monday night at the Compton Heights band concert, I got to noticing the shoes walking past me. Most of them were either sandals or some form of athletic walking shoe.

I wondered if some of those folks knew what size shoe they wear. The sandals were easy. As long as they covered the sole, they were okay. But some of those athletic shoes had an inch of spare room behind the heel. It’s a mystery how they even stayed on the foot.

When I was a little girl, my mother always pressed on the toe of my shoe and expected it to fit me if there was a thumb’s width of space between the end of my toe and the end of the shoe. Those poor folks looked like they had left at least a thumb’s width behind their heel. I don’t understand how their foot didn’t pull right up out of the shoe when they walked. Maybe the length of the foot under the laces is what kept them on.

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