Becoming A Hermit

Like other areas of the U.S. we are experiencing very hot weather. The weather folk use words like heat advisory, heat alert, etc. when they give the forecast. St. Louis has opened cooling centers for those who don’t have air conditioning.

Part of what makes this kind of weather so dangerous is the humidity. The temperature is 97 and the humidity might be 89 percent producing a heat index well over 100. Doesn’t matter how they explain it, it’s just plain HOT!

The heat is turning me into a hermit. I came home from Bible study on Wednesday night, looked at my calendar and realized I did not have to leave my house for the next three days. So I haven’t. The only time I’ve stepped outside is to get the newspaper from the drive and the mail from my mailbox at the end of the drive. I’m staying at home in the air conditioning until Sunday morning when I’ll go to church. The weather folk are promising a cold front will come through on Sunday and the high will only be 89 or 90.

I’m not sure I like being a hermit but I like the heat even less.

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