Did I Get A Promotion?

For several years now I’ve worked as an election judge at several elections each year. I’ve worked at three different polling places.

Yesterday I got a call from the County Clerk’s office. I was asked if I could serve as a supervisory judge at still another polling place. When I asked what the duties were other than what I had done in the past, I was told I had to be responsible — along with the other supervisory judge — for taking ballots, etc., back to the County Clerk’s office after the election is over.

I thought about that. Election Day is a long exhausting day. It begins at 4 a.m. when the alarm clock goes off, calling me from slumber, and doesn’t end until about 7:30 when you finally have the polling place closed and tidy. The polls close at 7 p.m. but there’s some housekeeping stuff that can’t be done until after the polls close.

Would I have energy for the 60 mile round-trip drive? Then I remembered my April trip home from Springfield and the women’s conference. If I can drive for four hours after two sleepless nights, I can stay awake long enough to do the 60-mile round trip.

But did I get promoted to supervisory judge or did I get snookered into accepting the additional responsibility?

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