Exercise Class Changes

The county health department sponsors exercise classes for seniors (primarily) at the local library. These PACE (People With Arthritis Can Exercise) classes are led by a health department employee. Currently we have a new instructor. She’s just completed her training with the Arthritis Foundation and is working on an internship to be fully certified. So she’s been leading our class the last couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to class the last two weeks for various and sundry reasons.  Today was my first day in a class led by this young woman. It was gratifying to be warmly greeted by the other class members when I walked in. It was remarked that I had been missed. We all like to hear that.

This instructor’s way is much quieter than our usual instructor. There’s not nearly as much chit-chat during class. But she’s introduced a couple of new things. When it is time to march, she has the group marching in a circle instead of individually in place by their chairs.

But the biggest change, to me, was when we were doing grapevines to “open our hips” (at least I think that’s why we were doing that).  She used a CD and we did it to music. Made it ever so much more fun. She asked if any of the dancers in the class knew any other steps we could use. No one spoke up.

So my question to you, can you think of any dance steps — probably from line dancing — that we could incorporate in our exercise class?  Can you describe them well enough that I can take them to class with me?

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