Broken Promises

Fortunately, the broken promises I have in mind are all ones I made to myself, not to anyone else. I promised myself I would do this blog post early today. However, here it is hours later and I’m just now getting around to writing it.

I promised myself that I’ll finish the laundry. Half of the dirty clothes still wait to be taken to the laundry area and the one washer load I managed still waits to switch over to the dryer.

I promised myself I will clean off the kitchen table, the repository of papers and mail and magazines and who knows what else. The table awaits my attention.

What excuse do I have for these broken promises? A lack of self-discipline perhaps? I have been reading an interesting trilogy written by Liz Curtis Higgs. She has taken the Biblical story of Jacob and Esau and moved it to Scotland in the 1700s. Of course, the names are Scots names for most of the characters.  She very cleverly named Esau as Evan and Jacob is Jamie (or James if we’re going to be formal). Leah in the original is Leana in this version and Rachel has become Rose. Jacob’s period of servitude for Rachel has been condensed in Jamie’s work for Ruth. The human emotions and relationships are well drawn.  She includes a glossary for some of the Scots terms used.

I’m fully drawn into this trilogy and can’t keep any of my promises because I’m busy reading.

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