A Different Music

It was a joy yesterday afternoon to listen to birds singing outside the window as I sat at the computer. MUCH better than popping firecrackers.

In the evening I went to the Compton Heights band concert. The soloist was Robert Froehner who played the musical saw and the Theremin. I’ve heard the saw played in the past. It’s a bit puzzling how bending it in various ways and stroking with a bow can produce musical tones but it works. I’d like to say I enjoyed the numbers played on the saw last night. When “Danny Boy” was played I cringed. The saw was out of tune or else Robert Froehner was stroking it in the wrong spot. Still you could recognize the tune.

The Theremin has to be the strangest instrument I’ve ever seen … or heard. As he explained it, there are two aerials and the player’s body makes a third one. Movement of the hands in proximity to those aerials causes sounds to be made. You don’t touch them, just wave the hands and fingers around. Again, there were times when the Theremin was out of tune although I don’t know how you would “tune” such an instrument. I suppose because it was the more unusual instrument, more songs were played with it than with the saw. They ranged from a song from opera to modern disco music. I’m glad this was a free concert. I don’t think I would pay to hear this instrument again.

Storms threatened all evening with lightening and grumbles of thunder. As a result, people began leaving toward the end of the concert. One of the area nursing homes brings a bus of elderly to the concerts. As they were leaving, two of the women fell. One fell between two park benches. I’m not sure what she stumbled over but it was frightening to see her go over on her side, down between the benches. The second one fell at the curb/gutter area and she, too, fell sideways. It was frightening, especially as both of them wobbled on their way … with help … to their bus. It appeared they could go over again at any time.

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2 Responses to A Different Music

  1. Michelle says:

    Do you know there is an annual musical saw festival in NYC?
    Here is a video from it:

  2. Jill Langous says:

    Greetings from Australia. Thanks for the useful info. I’m doing a project at uni and your content was quite useful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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