Knock It Off, Already!

Because fireworks are legal in my county, I resign myself to the sale of them and the consequent noise. The fireworks stands open about 10 days or two weeks before July 4. Every evening after the stands open for business, we are “serenaded” with the sound of fireworks. The noise increases each night building up to July 4 when it sounds like we’re living in a war zone.

I’ve become resigned to that. But I am getting mightily tired of hearing fireworks. Here it is six days after July 4 and I still get the fireworks concerts every evening. Heaven only knows how much money the various neighbors spent at those stands in order to continue to shoot fireworks.  Aren’t they aware we’re in a recession and they might need that money for the house payment?  Fireworks aren’t cheap, folks.

As a grumpy old neighbor I say, “Give it up! You’ve done enough for this year. If you still have more fireworks, save them for New Year’s Eve when I know you will be shooting fireworks again.”

How many days is an appropriate number to shoot fireworks in honor of our nation’s founding?  Am I wrong in thinking that three weeks is more than enough?

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1 Response to Knock It Off, Already!

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Wow, the last fireworks I heard here were on the 5th. They stopped after that. But then again, we have pretty heavy after-dark police patrolling, and I think the police would tell people to knock it off if they saw people shooting them off outside of the July 4th “window.”

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