Preparing for Election

Our local County Clerk and his staff are busy preparing for the primary election in August. I guess I’m one of his “staff” since I’m an election judge but I’m not all that involved in the work necessary to hold an election.

Tuesday I drove to the county seat, some 30 miles away, to attend a training session on the Palm Pilot and the touch screen voting machine. We’ve had both the last few elections but for this one, they want every election judge, not just the supervisory ones, to know how to use both so we can be of maximum help to the voter. It was an interesting session. The Clerk is presenting this workshop multiple times in order to cover the 500 judges. He limits attendance to 16. That meant we all had a Palm Pilot to use, not just written instructions to follow.

It’s interesting to look up a voter on the Palm Pilot. There are several ways to do it … by name, by street address, etc. For fun I looked up my own address. Turned out there was a mistake … the Post Office calls my street Drive and the Palm Pilot showed it as Court. I called this to the Clerk’s attention and after the training session was over, he had me go with him to a computer where he could correct it.

To do that, he called up a street map that showed each house in the neighborhood. He said it was the 9-1-1 map. A few keystrokes later, he had the correction made. I felt good about being able to get that correction made. It was to my advantage because my mail, including my check for working the election, might not be delivered if they didn’t have the correct street name.

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