Firecracker Season

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Because my county allows the sale of fireworks, we have Firecracker Season. This comes just after spring and before early summer. Of course, this year it’s been so hot that summer beat Firecracker Season in arriving.

Fireworks stands abound along the nearby highway. The first one opened last Sunday on Father’s Day. The others will be opening this weekend if they haven’t already opened. It’s a mystery to me how they make any money because most advertise that if you buy one, you get four free! I don’t buy fireworks so I don’t know if there’s a dollar amount you must spend on the paid one and then the four free ones are “cheap” things. But they must make money because it appears that all the fireworks stands have that same offer.

The music of the night this past week has been pop-pop-pop … small firecrackers from the sound of them. Oddly enough, they don’t start until about 10 p.m. Fortunately, they haven’t gone on too late. All this is a built-up to a big shoot-off on July 4.

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