Electioneering in the Heat

Saturday I was getting my bath when I heard someone ring my doorbell. Since I was in no condition to answer the door, I ignored it. Later I saw a political ad taped to my storm door. A man in the subdivision is running for a spot on the County Council and either he or someone supporting him had stopped by.

Yesterday afternoon, someone again rang the bell. I went and found another would-be politician there, campaigning for a spot on the County Council. This man introduced himself as a conservative but didn’t mention any political party affiliation. I commented on his dedication to be out knocking on doors in the heat. He said he’s become acclimated to Missouri weather. He was born in Michigan. I asked how long he had been in Missouri and he said 25 years. I should think he’d be acclimated by now!

I’ve decided the politicians speak in their own jargon. We’ve never had a County Council.  A few years ago the voters in this county voted to have a charter drawn up and go to this kind of governance. He kept talking about being tired of the insider stuff going on with the current county leaders. I have no clue what he’s talking about. But I do admire him for “getting up off the couch and doing something about it.” That was a key phrase in his pitch for my vote.

What puzzles me is how I’ll be able to vote for him … should I chose to do that … since I think in the primary election you have to declare which party ballot you want. Depending on what other issues are on the ballot, it might be that you won’t be able to vote for those things if he’s off on a separate ballot by himself. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

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