The Heat Goes On

The hot weather continues with highs in the mid to upper 90s and the lows in the mid 70s.  With the humidity at 70 percent, we have a heat index over 100.   I just checked the forecast for the next week and no relief appears to be in sight. Oh, well, it’s a good time to stay inside in the air conditioning and forget about going to the Shakespeare Festival.  No play is worth a heat stroke.

Today is the Knitters’ Guild’s potluck lunch. I signed up to bring a quiche so I was up early this morning to bake it. Needless to say, I ran the exhaust fan over the stove while the oven was on.

Part of the fun of the luncheon is our white elephant gift exchange. We bring something fiber related in a gift bag. We’re given a number when we turn it in and later we pick a different bag when our number is called. I’m recycling some of Jane’s stash which was given to me after her death in February. I have a folder for storing straight knitting needles and three balls of yarn in my gift bag. I wonder what will be in the bag I get to bring home.

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