Wet Shakespeare Festival

The annual Shakespeare Festival has no doubt been one soggy affair this year. It has rained so much … usually thunderstorms with thunder, lightening, hail, etc. The play takes place in a natural grassy amphitheatre so things no doubt are very muddy and slick.

The play this year is Hamlet and I’d like to go see it. I attempted that the first weekend it opened. I wasn’t able to find parking in the park so ended up back home. The play closes this weekend. I’m undecided about attempting it again. Yesterday was the first day this week it didn’t rain. Rain is forecast for the weekend. If we could have a couple of days without rain in a row, things might be dry enough to attempt it. It’s been very hot when — and sometimes even while — raining so there is a possibility that the heat could dry things up a bit.

Usually there are write-ups in the newspaper about the play. One other year I remember we had a lot of rain and there were articles about the impact on the audience. This year I haven’t seen anything in the paper except for that first weekend.

As I remember, that other year when it rained so much I didn’t go to the Festival. This may be another year that I don’t get there.

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