A Little Knitting Progress

Finally, almost a year and a half after I cast on for the February Ladies Sweater, I have bound off the body. I think this may be a short sweater but it could be that the weight of it will help it hang a little longer. All that is left to do is knit the sleeves and sew on the buttons.

There may be a problem. I’m on the last skein of the yarn. So before I start the sleeves, I must divide the remains of this last skein into two equal balls so that the sleeves will be the same length.

Why, yes, I am making this from stash yarn and I usually do have to buy more yarn when I do this. Why do you ask? Of course, I bought this yarn who knows when from a clearance bin so there is no more to be purchased.

So my February Lady Sweater may be a short-waisted short sleeved version. The Knitters’ Guild recently did a knit-along of this garment and it was a little surprising to see all the various versions of it … long sleeves, short sleeves, three-quarter sleeves as in the pattern, the body cropped or elongated, collars added, etc. So when I complete my sweater, even though I started it long before the knit-along was done, it will fit right in.

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