Knit in Public Week

Today is the first day of Knit In Public Week. In other years there was just one day in mid-June set aside for as many knitters as you could get together to sit somewhere out in plain view and knit. This year the event has been expanded to an entire week.

Our local Guild has never made much of this. As far as I know, there are no plans for any public knitting in this area. Perhaps a yarn shop is sponsoring something but I’ve not heard of it. I expect that might be due to the big industry show taking place this weekend in Columbus, OH. The yarn shop owners are probably there, working to determine just what they will order to tempt us with in the coming weeks.

I can’t get too excited about knitting in public. I belong to a group of knitters who meet every Tuesday in the cafe at the local Borders to knit. That usually satisfies my need to knit in public. I do take knitting with me when I go to the band concerts in the parks and knit until it gets too dark to see what I’m doing.   

Thursday I took some knitting with me when I took my sister to her doctor’s appointment. I knew I’d have a wait there. One woman commented that they have to wait two hours every time they come to that doctor’s office. She looked over at me and said, “She’d have a whole bedspread done before we see the doctor.” That didn’t happen but I did make good progress on the cage cozy I was working on for the local Humane Society.

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