A Musical Mini-Vacation

I read in the paper that a Presbyterian church in Crystal City was having a concert last Saturday night featuring Christine Brewer who is an opera singer. I’ve heard her sing and like her so I decided to go. I Googled a map (I know very little about Crystal City) and off I went. It’s been hot here and I think the temp was close to 90. I didn’t realize the concert was going to be outside.

The church was made from stone, I think, and reminded me of an English church. The churchyard had lots of big old trees in it which shaded the area. They had a gazebo which is where the piano and Christine were. It was very comfortable sitting there in the shade.

She didn’t sing opera stuff but folk songs and pieces that other opera singers used as encores when they did recitals. She introduced her songs herself and sang for an hour. When she started, she said they’d move things along because they had to be finished by 8 p.m. because the bells would start again. Evidently that church’s bells are on some kind of electronic timer and they had trouble getting them turned off so she could sing. But that was finally accomplished.

She got a standing ovation when she finished. Then she said she had two more songs. I wish I had the words to one of them. She mentioned she grew up in a Baptist church, now attends a Methodist one and we were at a Presbyterian one but she thought all of them had potluck suppers in common. The song was written by someone she felt sure knew about potluck suppers because it was about a lime jello marshmallow cottage cheese surprise. It was so funny.

Since I left town to attend the concert, I think this qualified as a mini vacation.

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